As a professional musician for over 30 years, I am always happy and touched to meet another with the same love for making music as me. Rene has that. He’s studied and played drums with some of the best in America, used his entrepreneurial skills to build up a company, and strength of will to reach his goals.

I can only be impressed by his efficiency as a recording engineer and producer having advanced knowledge and experience with pro tools and the complete technical recording process. With that he can take a project under his wing to realise a composer’s vision and maybe more than the composer had probably hoped for.

He has a beautiful state of the art recording studio with plenty of room to record choirs, string and brass sections apart from recording drums, guitar and keyboards, which he can do himself!

Rene Uyumaz, a very recommendable guy!

Jon Mortimer




Music Production for Crescendo Water Circus-Euro Disney, Stage Entertainment Musicals-Keyboards, Conductor, composing credits for TV, Music Publishers. Theater and concerts, Presently Arranger for Music Rocks Concerts with 100 piece Choir and 45 piece Europeaishes Kammer Orchester.

René Uyumaz is a extremely talented, motivated drummer and also a Producer.

I, Shota Higashikawa as a professional Bass player has been working with Rene Uyumaz for more than a few years together in a a few different music productions.

He has been always an outstanding but yet a great team working drummer.  His Talent as a drummer/producer has been recognised not only within Germany, EU, even in USA.


His motivation continuously has given him and other musicians great opportunities to improve him and others their musicianship.


I have been a professional bass player over 12 years, studied at Berklee college of music. Since I have been in Germany, I have performed with numerous number of musicians, in TV shows and lebels.

I confidently and highly recommend René Uyumaz.


Shota Higashikawa

Bassist/contraBass/guitar player (JAPAN)

Rene Uyumaz is an outstanding composer, vocalist, drummer, and all around musician. His most recent release "100% Me," on which he plays almost all of the instruments,  is an original tour de force showcasing his creativity and dynamic abilities as a player/performer and music producer. As a fellow musician, I have experienced his infectious unbounded love and enthusiasm for music -  he truly lights up the room wherever he goes.


- Dylan Vaughn, musician and composer of The Twits, Crescend'O, Teddy u.a. (US, GER)

“René is not only a drummer with great technique and wide range of styles, he is a “complete” musician. With “100% ME” he impressively displays his further skills as recording engineer, composer and as an arranger capable of numerous other instruments and vocals. As a result of his broad range of skills, his drumming is highly musical and tasteful.  René doesn’t simply play a groove, he makes music – listening to and supporting the song with his complete capabilities.  His main aim is not to grandstand as a drummer, but rather to contribute to the entire musical result.  He is convincing all around through tasteful understatement on the drums.  His technique is without question, his sound at the top of the profession and his expression combined with his joy of music is inspiring for all those whom he performs with.  It’s always a fantastic experience to work with him.”


Martin Buerger

Bassplay for Film, TV and international artists