An intimate atmosphere for those who want the privacy to create the music of their dreams.

The studio is located a bit outside of hamburg near the elbe river in a calm environment full of nature with garden and terrace. This is a very inspiring place to be and to create music.

the room

25qm tracking room with wooden floor and 28 mic lines

15qm open control room



Avid Pro Tools 2018.12 with 28 analog inputs  and 8 analog, 16 ADAT and SPDIF digital outputs.

Mix setup for stereo.

Apple Mac i7, 32GB Ram, 3,4 GHZ

RME Firefac UFX Interface, 60-Ch., 24-Bit/192kHz High-End

Glyph-HD 250GB

G-Drive HD 1TB

mic pre´s

16 Ch. Audient class A with ADAT option up to 96khz

4Ch. RME mic pre

We can get any mic pre you want (if available)

From NEVE to SSL and TELEFUNKEN and many more. Ask us.


5 x Shure SM27

2 x Shure KSM 32

2 x Shure Beta 52

6 x Shure SM57

2 x Shure BG4

1 x Rode Nt 2000 A

2 x Ribbon Mic´s

We can get the most popular mic´s.

From AKG C12 vintage (the original) to

Neumann and many more. Ask us.



René Uyumaz Studio
Reé Uyumaz Studio
Reé Uyumaz Studio