René offers this special but easy service for musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, studios etc. who would like to have really great live drums for their projects, but dont have the epuipment nor the room to record drums the pro. way.

In today‘s music a lot of drums are programmed and sound libraries are utilized simply because it´s cheaper and sounds solid. But, programmed drums never have emotions nor will they ever feel alive. So what’s the solution? Use the libraries to script your ideas. Then hand it over to an exciting professional drummer and your music will come alive. That’s why I’ve decided to offer this service for you.


Why you should use this online-service? The reasons are simple:


-It’s reasonably affordable, as the drums are already set up, miked and ready to go. You don’t have to pay extra studio time, call-out fees or the typical rates for big studios.


-It´s practical for both parties. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home nor do René have to come to you. So, you can essentially be located anywhere in the world.


-It’s also fast! Do you have a deadline? Because the drums are set up and ready to go, a lot of time is saved before the actual recording process can begin. Depending on how complex your track is, you will get the first recordings within 3 days from receiving your MP3 files.

Is this is exactly what you are looking for? Cool! Get in touch with René, send an email, tell René about your project and we find out what René can do for you.


What René expect from you:


To get things going you should first send  an email describing your project in full detail. Please send a demo or demos of what you hope to accomplish in mp3 or mp4 formats. If René feel your music fits to his professional standards, then we can discuss further details. René will try to be flexible and work within your budget, and we can work out via email what the price will be for this services depending on the song length and/or the number of tracks etc. René work with Pro Tools and so any materials you send must be compatible with that format (WAVE or AIFF-Files).  Naturally, they should be well structured and professionally laid out to keep things running smoothly. Payments should be made by Paypal, and René will finish the tracks to your complete satisfaction. (Within reason of course) And furthermore, René will strive to take your music beyond your original conception.

René reserve the right to accept or decline all offers.




René is a real musician and he always perform with his heart and soul. You can expect that his best performance will elevate your music to beyond the heights of our imaginations. You will receive access to a great sounding Pearl Masters Drum kit, Zildjian Cymbals, Gong Drum, and Octobans all recorded on Pro Tools through two ASP008s, RME and 1176 mic pres, and top of the line Shure microphones in a 60qm room with woodfloor. You will receive a test mp3 for your approval of each track. Once you are satisfied, you simply pay by Paypal and you will receive your full session files. Satisfaction guaranteed or he will redo it until you are truly thrilled with the results. (Again, within reason…)


So if you are looking for some serious drum tracks, just contact René at (contact@rene-uyumaz.com) and we can start a new adventure together. Looking forward to hearing from you.