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BEYOND IMAGINATION... René´s jazz-fusion musicproject featuring some of the greatest musicians living in germany.

This music is available on itunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, cdbaby, Spotify and many more major stores, as well straight from this pages musicplayer.

Thank you and enjoy.

Team René

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100%ME EP


100%ME is René Uyumaz‘s Debut-Album - An album featuring 5 absolutely fantastic and outstanding songs, written, played, sung, recorded and produced exclusively by René in his studio in Hamburg, Germany. (Actually, there are a few additional musicians featured on the album: saxophonist and jazz pianist.)


It is not just some quickly thrown together pop CD, but rather a piece of great musical craftsmanship with a storyline running throughout the album. 


This has spurred interest in seeing it evolve into a full-fledged musical.


René is open to any adventure that will arise and is ready to bring it to you.

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