René is a multitalented musician a professional drummer and producer. His first band album was recorded in 1999 when he was just 19 and this was also the beginning of his professional career.


Since then he has played many concerts around the world and worked together with fine world class musicians from various styles and backgrounds; musicians from Mike Oldfield, Lion King, Ed Sheeran, NDR Big Band, Buena Vista Social Club, Helene Fischer, the famous country band "Chancy Squire" and many more. All those who have had the pleasure of working with René know what a difference he brings with his inherent musical aptitude.


Additionally he studied piano and composition with Duncan Lorien, a world class keyboarder and composer. As well he learned how to record and produce music the pro. way and started his own studio in Hamburg. René got lessons from Billy Cobham and Bruce Becker. He has an incredible ability to duplicate and learn music as well full shows very fast.


René has an extraordinary capacity for both virtuosity and versatility. As a drummer he performs all of the modern musical styles from blues, metal, rock and pop to funk and soul. Where appropriate, he blends them all together into his own unique style witch can be heard on his debute EP 100%ME, release in 2016.


René has developed into a respected drummer, composer and producer, and is renowned by musicians from around the globe for his personal style of musicianship.  His sympathies towards multiple musical styles combined with his fascination for impacting sounds and extraordinary arrangements have become the driving force of his career.